What Does It Mean to Shift To Greatness

I’m 1,014 miles into the Shift to Greatness Bike Trek

Currently In Dallas, TX!

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It has been a remarkable journey as I peddle my way across America to engage with people about God, about country and about Faith. I have since then come to a better understanding of what it means to SHIFT. Listen to my message that I shared while in Phoenix, AZ

William Owens

Chief Cyclist, Shift to Greatness

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People Are Shifting to Greatness Everyday. They are facing their challenges and achieving their dreams as Americans!

William Owens

Interviewing People Throughout the Bike Trek

America can only experience GREATNESS

If Americans pursue GREATNESS God’s Way!

William Owens

Chief Cyclist


To create a deep desire within the hearts of people to pursue the greatness that God has placed within them and to allow that hope to inspire them to want the same for others.


Being great is not what things we acquire in life, how many countries we’ve traveled to or even how many people think well of us. Biblical greatness is about how much of our lives we give away to God for His Kingdom and for others.  This is the only way to experience an authentic SHIFT.

S – Servant

H – Humility

I – Individual Purpose

F – Forgiveness

T – Truth

The Silence Is Speaking

When the white noise is gone, you can hear. I mean – you can really hear. Many times what you hear is nothing but complete silence and it can be pretty challenging. However, the silence is speaking and if you really want to know the truth about yourself – and the truth means no harm – there is no other way to get it but through quieting the noise in your life. The truth only wants to set you free.

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Host a Stop


William Owens, Jr. was inspired with the idea of a Shift to Greatness Bike Trek. He is a published author of thirteen books of which the last two are books of poetry and 11 other books on spiritual life and maturity.

With his bike trek across America, William will be speaking with ALL Americans regardless of their ethnicity, background or political affiliation.

What is his is driving purpose?

To create a deep desire within the hearts of each individual to pursue the greatness that God has placed within each of us. William’s background, life experiences, and passion for life, propels him to “shift” the gears of his bike, as evidence that we all were made for greatness and naturally want others to be great as well.


The Shift to Greatness Bike Trek

Starting November 7, 2017, William Owens, Jr. will ride his bike approximately 40-60 miles to various cities throughout America along the Southern route. He will speak on Shifting to Greatness and performing poetry from his latest book, “Poems for America”. So far he has spoken at churches, coffee shops and in the homes of people.


A call to action is necessary for people to “see” and “believe”. The bike trek is the “boots on the ground” missionary journey. It is the hook that causes people to take a look. It is the “wow” factor of what happens when a person is moved by a purpose bigger than themselves. It is the unknown journey that God calls each of us to take by faith.  What is your unknown journey?  Listen to what God is telling you and by faith start!


Starting November 7, 2017


William Owens started in Henderson, NV and will conclude in Washington, DC.  Riding on his Trek 920 bike equipped with all of his belongings, he will cover on average 45 miles per day.  Sharing his journey on social media, video, Facebook live, the Shift to Greatness Podcast and other means of messaging, the Shift to Greatness journey will seek to glorify God and encourage people to realize His perfect love for each of us.

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