With the endless rhetoric that is taking place in Washington DC and the time spent in attacking ideas from both ends of the political spectrum, our representatives need to come together to protect US – as in you and I. Without US there is no USA.

Terrorism both abroad and domestic is quickly becoming a way of the new American culture and our representatives, unlike us have security details and access to information that puts them in the best position to be safe. Not so with the average American. Yes, I put my trust in God and believes He protects my every step. He has also placed those in office to be sure they do their job and that is to protect our borders from terrorists and those who are not legal from entering into our home. For representatives who refuse to get behind common sense legislation that puts US first, we must be sure we put them OUT. What matters is our lives and should it be lost due to negligence from our representatives, they must be held accountable.


Protect US

The borders have been set for a reason
They are there to identify our land
To make sure that people abroad understand
We are America
Not anyone can just come in

Everyone is welcomed to apply
Just answer a few questions and tell us why…
You’d do the same to us
So, what’s the big fuss?

Our pledge is to ourselves first
That we may share freedom and liberty
With all who thirst
To drink of this preciousness
Our borders we shall protect
We are the land of the free and the home of the brave
We are the USofA

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