Body hunched

Bones groan

People walk stiffly not swiftly

Yet they’re not old

Devour the lie we’ve all been sold

Face illuminated day and night

By manmade light.

Somewhere in between sleepy and awake

This reality we trying to shake

How sick will we become?

And just how gruff?

Who will call our bluff?


Yearn to venture outta the 5G bubble

That’s trapping us into a world o’ trouble

Before we drop that tiny thing

That piece of metal got us

In a sling

How sick will we become?

And just how gruff?

It’s gotten kinda ruff.


Find the bridge…

Walk right into the forest

Learning to live like those before us

Leaning up into the sun

Real healing has begun

Air is clean and communities, warm

Here, even bees still swarm.

Fruit trees full blooming and bodies not troubled

Now our understanding’s doubled.


Until then,

Just how sick will we become,

And how gruff?

Before we say,



Angela lives in the beautiful state of California where she is a Massage Therapist. She journals and also choreographs dance. She accepted Christ over a decade ago and continues her pursuit after the heart of God through the performing arts of poetry, dance and health.

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