Why do men say
I pray for you –
Keep in touch –
Go in God –
When in their hearts they distance themselves away from me
While looking in my face

Thinking they hide with insincere rhetoric on the fringes of guilt
I discern in their voice and even in their written words
Emotionally immature standing in giant shoes of spirituality

They only wrong themselves again and again
For when they do such things
They do it unto Christ the King

I’ll not be blind
Nor will I co-sign such sad fate
Of prisoners held by chains of fear
Such deeds will not offend me for I am free
From my own insecurities
God forbid that I should be bound by the bound
Only to be held down from arising to ceaseless joy
Found in fulfilling the will that heaven has ordained for my life

I am filled with only prayers that such men would see
It is not them or me but the enemy
Who would keep us from a fellowship of faith
That enables us to graduate to a newness of wonder
Beyond the comfort zones of religion
Created by systemic algorithms rooted in self-righteousness

An abyss of demonic enchantments
That rob us of glorious adventure
Given by God to each of us for His purpose

Purpose that demands each of us to shift to greatness
To face our insecurities
To reject that thief whose wiles
Has taken captive the masses of mankind
The devil be rebuked in Jesus Name!

Oh God set us men free from from the false narrative
Of the pride that whispers within our mind – lies lies lies!

May we see beyond our pitiful selves
And behold the divine nature of the risen Christ
Revealed in us and through us His true life

Take us beyond our comfort zones
Of temporal possessions and vain positions
Titles that rattles our brain and only chain us down
With that dog called pride
Quicken us that we would see ourselves as you do
…a conqueror and more than one

May we count it dung to lose all
That we may know only the sufficiency of Christ in us the hope of Glory
And the Fatherhood of God

We are but men of folly
Without thee

I plead oh God to send thy powerful wind
To undo this wicked chain of fear and despair
To renew us with unfeigned faith, hope and charity

Please oh God
Set us men of folly
That we would be free indeed
To love
One another
As you love us


Spiritual author and poet William Owens has embarked on a bike trek across America spreading a message of forgiveness and reconciliation. Through a life of prayer, faith and radical obedience, Owens continues God’s work and will follow the the Lord’s leading wherever He leads him.

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