Due to a Achilles Heel strain, my bike journey has been postponed until further notice. I’ve been advised to let it heal. Please keep me in your prayers.

Meeting People and
Sharing Hope

God’s Will

As I travel from Huntington Beach, CA, to Washington D.C., I will engage people from all walks of life inspiring them to Shift To Greatness, and to Discover God’s will for their lives.

Confronting Drug Addiction

We ourselves, a family member, or someone we know has been affected by the drug addiction epidemic that is sweeping America. It will only grow worse with the legalizing of marijuana (which has proven to be an entry level drug), vaping and other extremely addictive substances. The goal of Shift to Greatness is to bring awareness to this problem and offer solutions through the ministry of We CAN.

 Shift To Health

Without health you simply have no true wealth. You can have money, but you can’t buy health. You have to take care of yourself. One of my missions is to aggressively make everyone aware of information that can make a vital difference in your health. New discoveries have now made it possible for science to actually “hack” our DNA. Look for more information soon about this and new powerful discoveries. 


Why I Ride

It started with a conversation with my dad about the need for people to move past the pain of the past. We reflected on where our country is and how Americans have lost their hope, dreams and passion for discovering God’s purpose for us as individuals. I ride to provoke thought and to encourage people to


Why am I doing this?

Why am I doing this?

I’m well within second day of the Shift to Greatness Bike Trek. The question people are asking me now is 'Why are you doing this?' It’s a good question. In fact, I’ve been asking God the same question. My first self cook meal. Tried to make it to...

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An Idea: Protect US

An Idea: Protect US

With the endless rhetoric that is taking place in Washington DC and the time spent in attacking ideas from both ends of the political spectrum, our representatives need to come together to protect US – as in you and I. Without US there is no USA.

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Servant to Greatness

Servant to Greatness

What propels me to pursuit?
Why am I doing what I do?
Where am I going to?
Who do I see in need other than me?
How can I grasp the greatness I so desire that evades my soul?
My heart fails to be satisfied 
Though I…
Seem to possess so many things
I can’t seem to rest

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Radio Interview today with FRC

Radio Interview today with FRC

Today at 5:30 EST, I'll be on FRC Radio with Dr. Everett Piper. The show is on over 250 stations and you can also listen online at www.frc.org/radio I'll be discussing the need for each of us to Shift to Greatness regardless of the false narratives that insist on...

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