Rhetoric Prevails from Through People on Vimeo.

The prescription for depression of most Americans is to be obligated
To a overrated ideology that cannot be substantiated by history
It’s sheer philosophy concocted with phraseologies that avoid accountability to the people

With cultic rituals
political agendas
Master pretenders
Complicit leaders
Group thinkers
It’s impossible to have a simple conversation

Rhetoric is the new religion
It has a pace that’s predictable
A face that familiar
A race of many shades that’s gullible

Some ask how and why can this be
Overrule the mind of reason
Common sense and the consequences of failures that all can see
Yet still Rhetoric prevails

It’s conditioning that started decades ago
The first step was when they took prayer out of schools
Rejected God from being mentioned on the job
The Ten Commandments from the court houses near and far
Getting sued for not baking a cake to marry two…

Fear has won the day upon most
Created slaves that are doped
in the brain
worse than chains
touching every class of man

People dare not stand alone
upon the foundation of truth
Need no voting booth
Was here before America was
Will remain when this nation is dissolved

Rhetoric is weak
Prey’s upon those who refuse to seek… the truth
Can’t stand where there is light
Like a cock roach it scatters
Like a mice it hides

Eventually it will prevail no more
Those who are it’s victims
will loose their very souls

Rhetoric is a convoluted lie
A damnable lie
or statistics
taken for the Gospel as the truth

Listen to what I say
People of this great nation
We have the power to withstand this poisoned oration

Just arise and tell the truth no matter the situation
The people
The place
or the look on their faces
Do it in love
Because love prevails over all

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