All In!

As I prepare for the continuation of my Shift to Greatness bike tour, I ask first for your prayers. My heart is so determined to reach people for Christ and to bring a word of encouragement to All Americans to Shift to Greatness! I have a renewed zeal as I prepare to reengage riding my bike again on April 20 from Huntington Beach, CA, to Washington, DC.  As you pray, ask God how you can help me financially, not only so I can meet my standard needs, but that I might bless others with my books and CD’s.

Your support allows me to to take my time as I visit schools, churches, and just regular people along the way. When you give, I’m going to give back by giving you copies of my books, Poems for America, and my latest, Astonished!

Thank you again for your prayers and support,

William Owens

It Begins April 20, 2019








First Morning of the Tour November 8, 2017

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