With another shooting, this time at a Church in Texas on Sunday, I believe the time for the American Church, in particular fellow artists, to “SHIFT” into action could not be more important. The Church has slipped into apathy and has become complacent with its mission.

It is imperative that the American Church find her voice for America again in an intimate way, not merely being critical of policy within the realm of politics. While we must be a vanguard against the evil that seeks to demoralize our nation with legislation that is clearly in violation of God’s Word, we must also recognize that the darkness will ever be present until the end as we know it.

God has HIS way of reminding HIS people that unless HE protects our nation, our neighborhoods, our homes and even our places of worship –  we will never be safe. The increase of judgment we are seeing upon our nation is apparent of this stark reality.  In many ways, we have made America an idol and “churchanity” has replaced Christianity. We have capitulated our spiritual responsibility to be a light in America by putting more trust in politicians and the political process than in the “Great Commission”.  Yes, we must stand in every realm of society and be defenders of the truth. More importantly, however, we must herald the gospel through preaching the unsearchable riches of his grace to those who will hear and receive. Jesus did not give his time to those who rejected the truth. He spent more time with those who would receive His words.

I’m calling for The Church Body of Believers to shift our time, our passion, and our resources to stand and declare the gospel. The best defense is an unstoppable offense. In this the Church will ARISE!

As an American Poet, I’m seeking fellow artists of every expression to use their gift to express faith, hope and love throughout America. We must push forward the TRUTH narrative of life and not waste our time pushing back the false narrative of death. We have been given a mandate and with it comes a divine resource available to be adventurous in fulfilling GREATNESS. As artists, all we need do is to – SHIFT.


The Church Under Fire Will Arise
With pressure to subscribe to a passive position of stagnation
For her voice to be silence with unfolding tragedy
To be distracted with aimless discussion about policy
That feeds our pride in thinking it will save souls with never ending arguments about ideology

May we be reminded our message is foolish to the wise
Will never be the smart and intellect that will embrace the cross
Our nation is faced with spiritual darkness that only prayer and obedience can dissolve
The Church must shift to her greatest power
To preach the unsearchable riches of the gospel
She must
She will
Through His grace alone…

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