Everyday during my bike trek holds a new adventure. I am persuaded that until I allow God to take me to a place, a way of life or an unknown journey of some kind, I will never ever discover who He has made me to be. If you have a routine of predictability and a life that is centered around a paradigm that is all about being comfortable and having your nice life in tact, you are missing your unknown journey and a discover of who you really are. Only God can show this to you and you have to let Him take you on the journey just for you. I pray this poem speaks to your heart.


As I release what is known to me
As I reach by faith beyond what I see
I begin an unknown journey
To a destiney beyond the scripted lie told by mere mortals who die

I’ll not capitulate my identity
To satisfy society
To fit in a group who groops my mind with old ideas scripted to arrest my individuality
Less I miss the unknown journey tailored for me
A unique, unscripted expression of experiences await my commitment
Beacons my heart to step by faith in its direction
To find a deepening fulfillment beyond temporal satisfaction

The unknown journey to meet a known and yet unknown God
He’s drawing me into a deeper knowing of Who He is… to me
Only when I yield by faith towards this unknown journey

I will begin today

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