Vegas Strong Poem from Through People on Vimeo.

Vegas Strong
Represents people from every city and many nations
They arrive to take a trip down the strip by feet or stretch limousine
Eating an In and Out Burger or the best in cuisine
To get married
Or just meet someone new
People eventually come to Vegas…. That’s just what Americans do

America is a nation where it’s people flow and go
Many choose Las Vegas for a show
A game
A conference
To just chill by the pool
Or Roll the dice…
Some win, most lose
Hey… It’s America
Where free people roam
Where freedom rules

Vegas is a collection of residents and visitors
That represent a nation of people who are compassionate
Where communities of many colors and creed, beliefs and needs come together
To love and be loved
Because deep inside we’re all in need of the same towards and from each other

People on plane land from different parts of the world
To Be amazed by the lights that shine bright
Till the dawn of the morning
Reminding us all that God’s grace is available for redemption
We need just pay attention
Are you listening…

When horror strikes in the night
Taking with it 59 precious lives
With 597 still in the fight – to live
We’re praying – cause God still heals
Family and friends
A sister, brother
A father or mother
We all are suffering this evil act
From a dark soul provoked by wicked principalities
Oh what depths of darkness awaits his fate
We need not show his face…. Again

Vegas Strong means the Light of God’s love and mercy will yet shine bright
Hearts torn with untold pain of lost will heal… in time… they must
Our nation has chosen to be yet brave
To forgive our enemy time and again of their evil ways
To reconcile deep embedded differences seeking to rip us apart
We must transition to a Shift to Greatness for all Americans
To rise above the pain of the past of numerous storms that come to try our soul with wave after wave of trouble
Instead we press towards the promise of greatness
I have a dream…

We are not alone
We must resolve our wrong
Even the wrong of others we must bare
Less we be snared by bitterness
A poisonous venom
Paralyzing our capacity to love and be loved
To forgive ourselves
So that our warmed hearts can then forgive others
I have a dream…

We ask God to keep us
To strengthen us
It is our turn to represent our nation
Speak with words that like salt make it better
We must throughout America sing a new song
Oh God hear us and empower us to keep
Vegas Strong


A Shift to Greatness 1 from Through People on Vimeo.



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