Writing Guideline

We are pleased to extend to you an opportunity to submit an essay to be considered for the upcoming book titled above. This guideline is to provide you with exactly what we are looking for and should your essay meet this criteria, we will give serious consideration to including your essay in the upcoming book. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that it will be selected. We are inviting numerous contributors to submit an essay.

Read the introduction

Please carefully read the introduction. This will give you the jest, the tone and the objective of the book. It is critical that every essay be in harmony with this vision.

What this book is not

This book is not about the fail policy of congress, Obama, Trump or any other named politician. These are dangerous and trigger phrases that only create one reaction: The mind closes down and people reject what they are reading.  Steer clear of blame and fault finding. If there is a need to reflect on an issue in the pass, do so with general broad strokes and keep it very brief. Remember this is about a shift and we are writing to bring a transition in the thinking of the reader. While it is important to know what we are transitioning from, it is not necessary to make the past too much part of your essay. Create the starting point with maybe 10% of your essay and then move on to the promise of greatness.

What this book is

This book is about the promises of greatness that exist all around us. It’s about how you personally shifted and allowed your circumstances to be used to better your life. It’s about what it took for you to transition beyond the narrative of others, the mistakes of others and even the evil of others.

You then will write HOW you actually did it. How you shifted in practical ways whether it was through education, starting a business, forgiving people, getting in better health, changing friends to others who were successful. Make your story clear with positive words, while also being very authentic about the pain that you went through.

Who is our audience

While most people read on a 8th grade level, this book will also be read by scholars, educators, and the media. If appropriate, please provide resources for any stats or facts that you are making part of your essay. The main focus of our audience however are laypeople. Mothers, fathers, students and pastors. It’s important that you keep your essay engaging with allegories that bring to focus your facts. 

Greatness is the Goal

When the reader puts the book down, we want their vision awakened. We want them ready to identify their individual abilities that make them unique and how they can start right where they are in moving towards greatness in America as an African American. We want them to know how to silence the critics and remove themselves from pointless and fruitless dialog and rhetoric. We especially have to make sure that they realize they don’t “have to” leave their party to be great. That’s to our call. Let them see that for themselves.

This narrative is not about fault or bashing a party, it’s about GREATNESS for the individual despite everything and everyone.


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